Favorite Photos from

24 Years of Living with Maine Coon Cats!

Seedrack, who rode horses, and would go jogging on a leash.


A rare photo that includes

Solomon and Tamirack.


Below, my Dad uses climbing gear to rescue  Solomon from a tree.


Those early years in Waterford, ME were filled with red kittens.  "The Great Simon Underfoot" became the love of my life and many Thunderpaw cats still trace back to him.


The Great Simon Underfoot


Foundation lines became our focus and we acquired Sid who had the face and heart of an angel.


Stone Soldier was born and I fell in love all over again.  Our

clear tabby markings are thanks to Soldier.

We added silvers to our family and they stole our hearts—and our pancakes!


Thank you cats!  You have brought us joy, laughter, companionship, and friends from all around the world!

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