For all the hard work and tough times, farm life offers a balance in good times spent playing music with friends, kayaking on Sawtell Deadwater, rappelling cliffs with my dad, climbing mile-high Mt. Katahdin, or spending time alone with nature.



Music is an important part of our lives.  Terry is an accomplished musician, and Donna, having taken up playing the fiddle for the first time at age 50, is now a skilled fiddler.

Here’s where you can hear us play in person:

Every Tuesday, 6-9 pm

Oakfield Rec. Dept., Oakfield, ME

Every Thursday, 6-9 pm

Sherman Rec. Dept., Sherman, ME

Every Saturday, 6-9pm

Patten Rec. Dept., Patten, ME

Fridays during July & August, 6-9pm

Houlton Amphitheatre, Houlton, ME

August 2008

Annual Bean Hole Bean Festival

Lumberman's Museum, Patten, ME

Making Music

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