"What's next, Boss??"

Boer goats are charming, docile, hardy, and very clever.† They were developed in South Africa as meat goats and are always white with† brown heads and necks.


†Winter newborns get to come inside to warm up.

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The small flock of Boer goats that we keep on the farm provide a great service:† They clear brush land and help reclaim unusable areas for horse pasture.  The photo (top right) shows a flock of 12 goats just turned into an unusable area of brush so thick they canít even be seen.

Goats are browsers, meaning they eat leaves and twigs, and don't compete with the
horses for available pasture grass.  Their appetites are prodigious.† They eat burdocks, poison ivy, weeds, leaves, and tree bark.

But beware!  They also eat ornamental shrubs, garden plants, fruit trees, berry bushes, and flowers.  Make sure your fences are tight.

Within two weeks, all that is needed is to remove the larger wood and stumps (for firewood), haul away any stones, and smooth and seed the soil for pasture. 


Boer Goats

"What's next, Boss?"

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