Longing for an unforgettable afternoon in the country?  Have questions about what it’s really like to live on a farm?  Bring those animal-loving children, a picnic lunch, and your camera.  Enjoy our beautiful view of Mt. Katahdin.  Visit our horses and ponies.  See our goats, chickens, doves, cats, and organic gardens.  Submit names to help us name our new foal! 


Tour, demos, and barn sale.  July.  Call for date and time.


Free Admission!


Open Barn & Farm Viewing

For children, or the young-at-heart.  This is a "Dream Date” for the horse-loving child.  Each child learns basic horsemanship skills, paints her "own" pony with decorative symbols, and goes for a short ride.  


Bring your camera, this is priceless!  It’s good family fun, and parents are encouraged to participate.  No riding skills required. 


Appropriate for birthdays, school groups, or Scout troops.  Builds confidence and encourages teamwork.  The memories last a lifetime!


Small groups, by reservation.  Approximately 2.5 hours.


$80 minimum for 2 children, $20 each additional child. Adult chaperones free.

Painted Pony Parties

Got a young horse and don't know where to begin?  Want to start that two year old under saddle?  Come join us for a day-long, fun clinic using safe and humane Natural Horsemanship skills. 


Learn step-by-step methods to communicate with your horse.  Help your horse be the best partner he can be.  Small groups and beginners welcome.  We will be working, hands-on, with several young horses. 


July.  Call for date and time. 


Participants:  $40.  Viewers:  $10.


Starting Young Horses

Does your horse push you around?  Scare the vet?  Spook, pull, nip, and all-around have bad manners?  Join us to learn natural, step-by-step methods to improve your horse's attitude, manners and cooperation.  The change is amazing and rewarding.  The methods are easy and humane. 


This is a day-long, hands-on clinic, but is suitable for beginner through advanced horsemen.  Bring a picnic lunch and camera. 


July.  Call for date and time. 


Participants:  $40.  Viewers:  $10.

The “Naughty Horse” Clinic

This is the ONE for the wanna-be horse owner, the absolute beginner, the adult who never got that childhood "dream pony."  If you have never owned a horse but wish to experience being close to one, to feel the soft nose, the silky coat, this clinic is for you. 


Learn the basics of horse handling, care, and psychology.  If you are considering buying your first horse, or just want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we have created this clinic for you.  A short ride may be included, but is not required.


Bring a camera, picnic lunch, and a friend.  Suitable for teens, couples, baby boomers, and parents who are considering purchasing a horse for their family.  


Scheduled throughout the summer.  Call for dates and times. 


$40 per person.


The "I Always Wanted a Horse"  Clinic

Leadership Clinics

Because of their sensitivity, intelligence, and responsiveness, horses are finding a new role in helping humans learn communication, team-building, and

leadership skills. 


Educators, business executives, law-enforcement personnel, and health professionals all benefit from improving their communication skills and sensitivity. 


Learn how modifying your own behavior increases cooperation and brings desired results.  RIDING IS NOT INVOLVED.  Call for rates and information.


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