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Donna Chase has more than forty years of experience in handling horses.  The methods used in her training sessions are humane, easy, and based on the horse’s natural way of interacting and understanding.  Participants in Donna’s sessions learn better horsemanship skills, which improve cooperation and tractability in their horses.  Beginners, the timid, the out of shape, and baby boomers are welcome.


Donna Chase has lived a life devoted to horses.  Her focus is always on understanding horse psychology and on creating natural, willing partnerships.  She has spent a lifetime riding, showing, driving, breeding, training and caring for a variety of breeds including Welsh Cobs, Paints, Warmbloods and more.


We offer private training sessions for individual horses and owners.  We always start with groundwork, emphasizing communication, confidence, and respect between horse owners and their equine partners. 


Using Natural Horsemanship methods that are extremely successful, humane, and very well accepted by all types of horses, we can show you how to start that youngster, restart a "pasture-potato," change unwanted behavior, and establish a clear method of communication which can improve all aspects of your horse's performance.


Horses are wonderfully intelligent and adaptable beings, capable of a surprising degree of cooperation and understanding.  If your horse is spooky, resentful, disrespectful, or resistant, you will both benefit from learning improved communication skills.


Phone us if you would like to participate in a training clinic to start a young horse or improve cooperation from any horse.


$50 per hour


Natural Horsemanship methods are excellent for starting young horses.  Once the basics are down, future training comes easily in progressive, step-by-step sessions.


Proper groundwork training promotes confidence, respect, and tractability in the horse, which carries over into all areas of riding and driving.


Donna uses a combination of methods derived from her own decades of experience as well as methods taught by trainers such as John Lyons, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Buck Brannaman, and others.

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Donna Chase

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