Few horses have needed help as much as Lady Roxy, a 4 year-old Spotted Draft mare.  Sullen, resentful, and dangerous to handle, she was an accident waiting to happen.  Her extreme fear caused violent outbursts that broke 4 halters and a dozen lead ropes in one year’s time.  She was impossible to catch in the pasture, spooked at the slightest provocation, and even jumped out of a 5.5’ high round pen! 


Long-term handling with natural horsemanship methods has uncovered her true gentle nature.  She comes when called, can be led by children, and is being started under saddle.


After ten years as a PMU mare, Serenity was rescued from the kill market at the last minute.  Having known no other life, she was nervous, fearful, and lacked confidence in everything.  She was extremely difficult to catch and broke several lead ropes trying to escape.


With natural horsemanship training, she quickly learned the handling skills she needed to become a confident and happy horse.


After leaving her home on the King Ranch of Texas, "Piney" met up with severe mishandling.  Rammed with a 4-wheeler and thrown to the ground with ropes, she understood only that humans were dangerous and unpredictable.


Gradually, natural horsemanship methods have regained her trust and willingness.  Her re-schooling has progressed wonderfully and is ongoing.


Faith and Misty learned manners and respect for their human handlers.  They no longer walk over the top of their people and are much more agreeable to be around.


Kiara, untouched until four years of age, learned confidence and manners. 


Brave Captain Sullivan learned to be truly brave around spooky objects. 


Maggie, a PMU rescue, learned to pick up her feet calmly and not attack the farrier.


Natural Horsemanship methods are humane and effective on all types of horses.  Here are a few of the horses we’ve helped with our training process.


Lady Roxy


King’s Bar Rim

Leap of Faith & Miss T Dae

Kiara, Brave Captain Sullivan, & Sugar Magnolia

Bjorn put his previous trainer into the hospital by taking her and his carriage through a rail fence.  He had developed an effective evasion of feinting suddenly backwards to put slack in the lines and then immediately bolting to the right.  

We took him back to the basics of groundwork, then restarted him in harness.  Since it was winter, we put him to work pulling logs from the woods, which he became very good at and seemed to enjoy.  Bjorn went on to be a good driving horse.



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