Rounding out the farm is small flock our very own Siberian Blue bantam chickens, a small flock of Boer goats, a flock of white and pied doves, as well as ever-changing gardens of organic veggies, berries, fruits, and perennial flowers.


Enjoy your visit, and come back often.


Donna Chase

Siberia Farm

180 Siberia Rd.

Stacyville, ME  04777




Siberia Farm is a small diversified farm in Siberia, Maine (part of Stacyville), due east of beautiful Baxter State Park and mile-high Mt. Katahdin.  This is an area rich in natural beauty, great forests, good people, old family farms, deep winter snow, and short glorious summers.  Moose are the major traffic hazard, and deer, bear, and eagles are our nearest neighbors.


Music and art are also a big part of our lives.  You can follow the links on this site to view my Wildlife and Nature Art as well as learn where you can see and hear us perform our Old Country and Bluegrass music on fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and vocals.


Horses & Ponies

Maine Coon Cats




Our Maine Coon Cats are known and loved around the world.


Cats from our Thunderpaws family have helped diversify the gene pool in Canada, England, France, Belgium, Sweden, and Germany, as well as in the USA.


It has been a privilege and an adventure to share the past 24 years with these beautiful and endearing beings.  


No other companion animal compares  to a Maine Coon Cat!


Horses are the heart of the farm.  They are my lifelong work and my lifelong love. 


We raise Welsh Cobs and pinto sport-type horses and ponies. 


We provide horse training services, and occasionally rehabilitate troubled horses.  We also offer clinics to help people become better partners to their horses, as well as clinics where horses teach leadership and life-skills to humans.


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Thunderpaws Maine Coon Cats

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Small, Diversified Farm

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Donna Chase

180 Siberia Rd., Stacyville, ME  04777


Want to read more about Siberia Farm?  There’s a chapter about us in Brad Herzog’s book, Small World:  A Microcosmic Journey.


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